How to create your 1st invoice?

This article will show you how easy it is to create and send an invoice to your customer on Financio.

  1. Click on Sales on your left.
  2. You will see an expanded menu from the + button, click on it if you don't, then select Invoice.

  3. Select the customer, or add a new customer.

  4. Select Attention if you are sending to a specific person in the business. (Optional)
    Note: The invoice will be forwarded to the person's email instead of the company's email if Attention is specified.

  5. Review or select an Address.

  6. Select an appropriate  Payment Term, this determine when the invoice is due for payment.

  7. Review the invoice Date.

  8. Review the Invoice No and Reference No.

  9. Select the products or services you are selling

    1. Select the Product you previously defined or a Category / Account if you are selling an once off item. You can also add the Product or Category on the spot.
    2. Update the product name & description if required.
    3. Update the quantity and review the price.
    4. Specifies the discount for the item in value or percentage (by suffixing with %) (Optional).
    5. Review the tax where applicable.
  10. Put in appropriate Note for your customer and review the summary.

  11. Upload related files to the invoice (For internal use or share to customer). (Optional)
    Note: Click the button on the top right to toggle Internal / Sharing.

  12. Click Save & Approve.

What's Next?

Sorry to disappoint if you were expecting more. The following is all done for you when you click on  Save & Approve:

  1. Accounting / journal entries, together with reports and charts.
  2. Tax amount has been recorded for future tax filing purpose.
  3. An electronic invoice has been dispatched to your customer. (If there's a record of customer email in the system).